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    BUCKS :jubel:

    Wobei die Aussage eher, darauf bezogen war, dass er Gespräche mit den Jazz und den Bucks hatte und er meinte, dass er gut zu beiden passen würde. Was anderes sagt man ja auch nicht in der Combine, da hat man keine Favoriten...
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    So laut diversen Quellen zieht Saric einen Rückzug aus dem Draft in Erwägung.

    Ein Originalzitat:

    Ist ein sehr sehr interessanter Spieler quasi ne Art Allrounder man hört ja seit Jahren Wunderdinge von ihm. Diese Aussage wird vermutlich manche Franchise abschrecken und andere Franchise vielleicht sogar freuen da denke ich an die Mavs, die ihn picken (falls er nicht zurückzieht) und ihn dann entspannt nach Europa parken können (Wunschszenario mancher Mavsfans) ohne dabei den Cap zu belasten.

    Generell gesagt ist es ungewöhnlich für Europäer sich in Saric's Alter bereits draften zu lassen die Regel ist eher 20/21 und jetzt muss er vllt auch finanziell abwägen ob es besser ist sich jetzt draften zu lassen aber mit Ansage ein Jahr später zu kommen oder eventuell sich ein Jahr später in einem stärkeren Draftjahrgang erneut anzumelden aber dafür dann eventuell gleich verfügbar zu sein zumal man auch davon ausgehen kann das er selbst nochmal spielerisch etwas zulegen kann/wird.
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    So das alljährliche Tier System von Draft-Guru Chad Ford.

    Tier 1


    Note: This category is usually reserved for guys who are sure-fire All-Stars and franchise players. Since 2009, only Blake Griffin, John Wall and Anthony Davis have been ranked in this slot. This year, there just isn't anyone who looks like a "sure-fire" anything.


    Tier 2


    Note: Tier 2 is reserved for players who are projected as potential All-Stars by scouts. They are typical high lottery picks in a normal draft. Last year Bradley Beal, Harrison Barnes,Michael Kidd-Gilchrist all got the nod as Tier 2 players. In 2011, Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams were in this tier.

    This year, I couldn't get a majority of teams to project anyone in this draft as a potential All-Star. Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore and Anthony Bennett all got a vote or two from teams that had them in Tier 2. But the overwhelming majority of teams I talked to had these players all ranked as Tier 3 prospects. This is the first draft tiers column I've ever done where there no players ranked in Tier 2.


    Tier 3

    Anthony Bennett
    Alex Len
    Ben McLemore
    Nerlens Noel
    Victor Oladipo
    Otto Porter Jr.

    Note: These are the top six guys in the draft. Noel, Bennett and McLemore each received a small amount of votes for Tier 2, but the majority of teams I spoke with had them in Tier 3. This is one of the very few places in the draft that you'll find consensus. While there are a few exceptions, there's a very good chance that these six players will be the first six players to hear their names called on draft night. Teams have these six ordered differently depending on team needs or whether they are looking for immediate help or upside, but every team I spoke with had these six as their top six in some order.

    Tier 4

    Steven Adams
    Trey Burke
    Michael Carter-Williams
    Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
    C.J. McCollum
    Cody Zeller

    Note: After Tier 3, the consensus breaks down pretty quickly. These are typical late-lottery to mid-first-round selections in a normal draft -- selections 10-20. In this draft this group is more likely to be drafted in the 7-14 range. Trey Burke, C.J. McCollum and Michael Carter-Williams got a small number of votes for Tier 3. But the majority of teams had them ranked in Tier 4. Zeller was ranked in Tier 4 by every team I spoke with. Caldwell-Pope and Adams had some Tier 5 votes, but the majority were in Tier 4.

    Tier 5

    Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Reggie Bullock
    Isaiah Canaan
    Allen Crabbe
    Gorgui Dieng
    Jamaal Franklin
    Rudy Gobert
    Archie Goodwin
    Erick Green
    Tim Hardaway Jr.
    Pierre Jackson
    Sergey Karasev
    Shane Larkin
    Ricardo Ledo
    C.J. Leslie
    Tony Mitchell
    Shabazz Muhammad
    Lucas Nogueira
    Kelly Olynyk
    Mason Plumlee
    Glen Rice Jr.
    Dennis Schroeder
    Tony Snell
    Jeff Withey
    Nate Wolters

    Note: This next group is the largest Tier 5 I've ever had, and it shows where the strength of the draft is. There is incredible depth here, and it's not uncommon to hear teams say that the player you draft at No. 35 might be as good as the player you get at No. 15. There is a whopping 25 players in this group. At least seven of these players won't hear their names called in the first round.

    A few teams had Antetokounmpo, Karasev, Muhammad and Nogueira in Tier 4, but not quite enough for them to make the cut. Interestingly, Ledo got two votes for Tier 4 and is a guy who clearly has been impressing people in workouts.

    Tier 6

    Alex Abrines
    Lorenzo Brown
    Jackie Carmichael
    James Ennis
    Colton Iverson
    Livio Jean-Charles
    Grant Jerrett
    Myck Kabongo
    Ray McCallum
    Nemanja Nedovic
    Phil Pressey
    Andre Roberson
    B.J. Young

    Note: This tier has the players who were listed as top 60 prospects by the majority of the teams I spoke with. Of the group, only Abrines, Jerrett and Pressey got some Tier 5 votes.

    Like every draft system, the tier system isn't perfect. But the teams that run it have had success with it. It has allowed them to get help through the draft without overreaching. Compared to traditional top-30 lists or mock drafts, it has proven to be a much more precise tool of gauging which players a team should draft.

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